The Fore-edge display press


TOM BLAKE, Digital Imaging Production Manager at Boston Public Library, Massachusetts recently wrote:

"The presses were an indispensable part of our imaging project. We bought ten of them. With their elegant design and clever craftsmanship, we were able to photograph over two hundred fore-edge painted books in three days.

Furthermore, we did not feel the need to hide the device in the resulting images, as the beautiful grain and finish added a touch of sophistication.  The presses have since been transferred over to our Rare Books department where I am sure they will become useful and beautiful display tools for future exhibitions."
BOWDOIN COLLEGE in Brunswick Main, UNIVERSITY OF TULSA, Oklahoma and BRINGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY, Utah, have also bought presses to assist with the display of their fore-edge painting collection

Why a display press?

The owner of a book with a Fore-edge Painting is indeed a fortunate fellow, however the book must expect some rigorous handling.

Until recently, collectors and dealers wishing to display their Fore-edge Paintings have had little choice but to stand and hold their books.  For exhibitions and fairs such frequent flexing could prove damaging, especially if the book is old or tender.

The press has been developed to display a fore-edge painting with the minimum possible strain to the binding.

How to use the press

The principle is simple. Fan the book to show the painting at its best, then nip just the pages between the upper and lower bridges. The hinges endure little or no strain and the book can be safely displayed for short periods.

The specifications

Presses are made from fine quality seasoned and varnished hardwood with brass fittings  and a felt base. They are designed to be easily dismantled for convenient packing, but very stable when assembled.

A clear plastic screen can be slotted over the fanned painting to give protection from handling, dust and sunlight.

Overall size :  380 x 300 x 170 mm                                     
Max displayable book:    280mm tall x 60mm thick             

Prices and specifications on application


**New for 2006** The Workshop Press

The new simplified, elegant and attractively priced press.

Prices and specifications on application

The Split Double Press


Prices and specifications on application


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